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Enviro-Kote. Material Description: Enviro-Kote is an asphalt emulsion pavement sealer composed of specifically selected fillers, fibers and fortified with polymers to ensure the longest lasting protection and deepest black color all while keeping the environment in mind.

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We are recognized as one of the leading pavement sealer manufacturers in the industry. From refined tar to asphalt emulsion pavement sealers, GemSeal has you covered! Our sealers have been perfected over nearly 60 years of manufacturing and testing experience.

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4.75 gallon, ds2000 plus asphalt emulsion driveway sealer, a superior asphalt emulsion which protects, beautifies & seals asphalt pavements, it improves the water resistance of the pavement & makes the pavement more resistant to the deterious action of petroleum, oils, greases, fuels & …

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Asphalt seal-coat treatments are mainly a preventive maintenance procedure applied to the asphalt pavement surface to prevent or delay costly corrective measures (figure 2). Asphalt seal coats are surface treatments designed to seal and protect the asphalt pavement from harmful environmental conditions such as sunlight, rain, and snow.

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Eclipse® is a petroleum resin pavement sealer. Brewer pioneered development and production of petroleum resin pavement sealers more than a decade ago. Eclipse® is a high performance alternative to asphalt emulsion or refined tar sealers. Eclipse® is supplied at the same solids content as Brewer Cote® Download Brochure Download Tech Sheet

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SAFE-SEAL 3405 is a high performance, polymer-modified, asphalt emulsion horizontal joint and crack sealant. It is a one-component, self-leveling material that can easily be …

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Below are four of the most common types of sealer available to the asphalt sealcoating professional. • Standard Fed Spec Pavement Sealer: This is a coal tar emulsion pavement sealer applied by the majority of sealcoating contractors in the United States. It is usually purchased directly from the manufacturing plant or from a retail ...

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There are three types of pavement sealer being produced in the industry today, they are: Asphalt-Based, Coal Tar and Acrylic Asphalt Based Sealers are made using asphalt emulsion which is asphalt cement emulsified with water using an emulsifier to homogenize and stabilize the emulsion. Asphalt cement is the binder used in asphalt pavement,.

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Henry 107 Asphalt Emulsion is a premium, versatile coating for the protection of roofing materials, metal, and masonry surfaces. Solvent-free, it is made from asphalt emulsified with bentonite clay and water. Henry 107 Asphalt Emulsion is cold-applied, non-flammable while wet, corrosion-resistant, and waterproof when dry.

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Sealcoating extends the useful life of the capital asset – an asphalt parking lot – by protecting the pavement from the natural aging process caused by sunlight, water and debris.

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HE127 Asphalt Emulsion is designed for use in sealing parking lots, driveways, residential streets, and other slow traffic asphalt surfaces. This provides a finished product widely known as one of the most durable asphalt emulsion seal coats on the market. Buy your supply today.

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UltraSeal® Systems Type I is a high solids, fast drying, non-tracking, polymer-modified, asphalt emulsion pavement sealer.It's more durable than ordinary asphalt sealers, and dries to a beautiful matte black finish. UltraSeal® is manufactured exclusively by Vance Bros., Inc. and is available in bulk quantities, 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon pails.

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Coal Tar based sealcoats have traditionally been seen as the standard for asphalt sealcoating east of the Rockies. The main component of the first sealed roads, coal tar was formerly used as one of the primary component of pavement surfaces, when mixed with ironworks slag.

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Neyra Force Premium Alternative to Coal Tar and Asphalt Emulsion. Neyra Force is a water-based, petroleum resin sealer that outperforms traditional pavement sealers. While providing the benefits of coal tar sealer, it is also environmentally friendly and safe for your employees to apply.

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How Sealing Asphalt is Different with Emulsion-Based Sealers vs. Coal Tar Coal tar might be the best, but contractors have other alternatives when it comes to pavement sealer. Allan Heydorn

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Asphalt Emulsion sealants have been approved as a safe alternative to coal tar sealer nation wide and are increasing in popularity every single day. American Pavement Sealcoating has been offering asphalt emulsion sealer in the central Pennsylvania region for over 8 years and are proud to do our part in keeping our environment and community safe.

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Oct 31, 2018· In a single chip seal, an asphalt emulsion is sprayed on the pavement with a distributor, then immediately covered by a single layer of uniformly sized chips from a chip spreader. A double chip seal repeats the procedure using lower emulsion and aggregate application rates.

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Oct 31, 2018· An Introduction to Asphalt Emulsions. ... SS emulsions are also used as driveway sealers. QS emulsions work well with fine aggregates but are designed to break faster than SS emulsions. QS emulsions are used in micro-resurfacing and slurry seal designs. The quick break allows for faster opening to traffic.

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Dec 13, 2018· Since it is a combination of aggregate and liquid emulsion, the UV rays break the emulsion down, which loosens the aggregate. HOW DOES ASPHALT PAVEMENT SEALER HELP? Asphalt sealer adds a protective coating to your asphalt to help fight the oxidization associated with UV rays. It also helps to fill voids in blacktop which helps reduce exposure.


Jan 15, 2019· Asphalt emulsion sealer makes your asphalt surface look brand new. It repels oil, water, ice, and common chemicals. This sealer typically …

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EA&E's expertise in asphalt emulsions allows it to serve as a highly technical resource for customers. Emulsions are embraced as a preferred asphalt product for pavement maintenance and specialty industrial applications because of their environmental compatibility and inherently safe …

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Jun 24, 2010· Guster you are about an hour from me, first asphalt emulsion is a west coast product, not readily avaliable in Maryland . the word "emulsion" means that it is a water based product, these dont rejuvinate, or penetrate asphalt, emulsions either asphalt or coal tar are true sealers . What sombody is trying to sell you is the oil based product .

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Asphalt Emulsion Pavement Sealer. Today, your asphalt pavement is more valuable than ever. And now, you can protect your investment with a tough and durable coating that is also environmentally friendly – PaveShield. Your asphalt pavement's greatest enemy is not just daily traffic. The insidious elements of air, sunlight and moisture all ...

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PROTECTION: STAR-SEAL® is a heavy-duty refined coal tar sealer that is specifically designed to protect bituminous pavements. Composed of high temperature refined coal tar pitch, select mineral fillers and surfactants, STAR-SEAL® forms a tough, durable and flexible coating that protects asphalt pavements from the damaging elements of weather, water, salts, gas and other petro-chemicals.

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Our premium Asphalt Emulsion Pavement Sealer comes in a bulk 275 gallon tote with 210 Gallons asphalt pavement sealer. This is enough sealer to cover approximately 16,000 to 18,000 Square Feet of pavement with a single coat application using the Broom or Squeegee application method. It can also be sprayed with excellent results.

STAR MICRO-PAVE SUPREME® (Asphalt Emulsion Sealer)

MICRO-PAVE® Supreme is the very best in asphalt emulsion based pavement sealer. Our Supreme blend is especially designed for asphalt sealcoating professionals to provide superior protection and beautify asphalt pavements. e.g. airports, commercial parking lots, home driveways, etc.

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MasterSeal™ Ultra Pavement Sealer is a clay-stabilized, asphalt emulsion pavement sealer designed to protect and beautify asphalt pavement. MasterSeal Ultra is a ready to apply material that is factory blended with water, aggregate and polymer, providing a highly durable slip-resistant coating.

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Resurfacer is a hard-based asphalt emulsion sealcoating that is easy to use and cures to an extremely attractive, touch, wear-resistant and smooth surface. Special Asphalt Products formulates Resurfacer with a combination of specially refined asphalt emulsions, mineral fillers, advanced polymer modifiers and …

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Black Diamond™ is GemSeal's new, high performance alternative to asphalt emulsion (AE) sealer and refined tar sealer. With all the environmental benefits of AE sealer, Black Diamond exceeds AE performance with longer durability, increased toughness against power steering marks, and stays black.

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Sealcoating seals the asphalt pavement, preventing the oxidation and erosion of the top layer and replaces fine particles lost from the asphalt surface due to oxidation on older pavements. Sealcoating preserves asphalt for pennies per square foot, verses costly asphalt repairs.