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Concrete Crack Injection Repair – Epoxy Resin and Urethane Resin. If you live in Connecticut, there's a good chance you have cracks in your concrete foundation or walls. With the thermal cycling we experience here, concrete foundations can develop cracks over time. Bonding cracks will ensure the integrity of your Home.

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Often times foundation cracks are the path that water takes when your basement floods. Epp Concrete Xypex crack repair was designed to seal cracks and eliminate water/air leaks from seeping through your foundation wall. The Xypex crack repair system comes with a …

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We do epoxy pressure injection to repair cracks on your infrastructures. This is a cost-effective method to repair damaged concrete walls, columns, slabs, and piers. We are recognized as the number one Epoxy pressure injection contractor in the Western United States of America.

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Cracks: Epoxy or flexible polyurethane injection. To repair a crack embedded in the walls or foundations of your home, two products are very commonly used: flexible polyurethane and epoxy.During a repair, the technician either carries out their work with a flexible polyurethane injection or an epoxy injection into the crack to seal and waterproof the foundation.


The appropriate viscosity of the epoxy will depend on the crack size, thickness of the concrete section, and injection access. For crack widths 0.010 in. (0.3 mm) or smaller, use a low-viscosity epoxy (500 cps or less). For wider cracks, or where injection access is limited to one side, a medium to gel viscosity material may be more suitable.

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Epoxy crack injection (also referred to as epoxy injection) is an extremely effective and reliable concrete crack repair method, used exclusively for the repair of poured concrete foundation cracks, for the structural repair of same, to fix basement leaks, and to prevent poured concrete foundation cracks from leaking in the future.

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Category Concrete Epoxy Crack Injection kits for Poured Concrete Foundation walls. D-I-Y products for injection with Epoxy for concrete foundation crack repair, basements, vertical concrete walls leaking or not. Wide selection of products.

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Although epoxy is a high tensile strength material, repeated stress under load may eventually cause the concrete to crack again. Epoxy fills the crack completely and also prevents water from leaking into the basement. Epoxies can be used in repairing delaminated concrete, foundation cracks, sewers, manholes, and tunnels.

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Applied Liquid Polymer Systems, Inc has been in the business of Commercial and Residential concrete restoration, repairs and waterproofing since 1977.. We specialize in epoxy injection of structural-strength low-viscosity epoxy resins for bonding of cracked, delaminated, and spalled concrete. This process also works extremely wellh2 in repairing damaged wood members, such as glue-lam beams …

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High Pressure Epoxy Grout Injection for Concrete Crack Repair When done correctly, high pressure injection in almost all cases produces a more durable and reliable seal than low pressure injection. Cities and utility companies use high pressure injection …

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Epoxy Injection Systems is very effective at repairing concrete cracks, delaminations, and hollow planes when used according to manufacturers recommendations. Job analysis and proper preparation are very important to insuring the maximum performance from the Epoxy Products, or any other concrete repair products. The right equipment is critical.

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Methods of Concrete Crack Repair Epoxy injection. Epoxy injection method is used for cracks as narrow as 0.002 inch (0.05 mm). The technique generally consists of establishing entry and venting ports at close intervals along the cracks, sealing the crack on exposed surfaces, and injecting the epoxy …

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Epoxy injection is an economical method of repairing non-moving cracks in concrete walls, slabs, columns and piers and is capable of restoring the concrete to its pre-cracked strength. Prior to doing any injection it is necessary to determine the cause of the crack.

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Grouts & Concrete Repair; Grouts & Concrete Repair. Grouts highly resistant to static and dynamic stresses – and repair mortars, resistant to chemicals, abrasion and weather 3 Products ... High-strength, epoxy-based repair mortars for use in cold temperatures.

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Concrete Crack Repair Home Floor & Slab Crack Repair How crack injection works A cost effective permanent fix for basement leaks Low-Pressure Crack Injection (Basement Walls and Foundations) Do-it-yourself crack repair A kit for contractors and homeowners. Basic steps in the injection pocess Installing injection ports, sealing, epoxy vs. polyurethane, injection and port removal

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The Complete Kit For Structural Epoxy Injection Repairs Features & Advantage Contains everything needed to structurally repair 8-10 feet of crack Reliable high strength contractor grade formulas Convenient packaging Easy to follow instructions Online Video available demonstrating use of kit Applications Crack injection repairs Vertical/Overhead spall repairs Gravity feed crack repairs Fix ...

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Concrete Crack Repair Home Floor & Slab Crack Repair How crack injection works A cost effective permanent fix for basement leaks Low-Pressure Crack Injection (Basement Walls and Foundations) Do-it-yourself crack repair A kit for contractors and homeowners. Basic steps in the injection pocess Installing injection ports, sealing, epoxy vs. polyurethane, injection and port removal

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Emecole recommends the use of epoxy injection for the repair of structural cracks which have the potential to compromise the foundation's structural integrity. This kit includes our advanced Emecole 121 Premium - Fast Curing Epoxy (Low Viscosity) and all the components necessary to complete the task.

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The Crack-Pac two-part, high solids, low-viscosity crack injection epoxy is designed to repair cracks in concrete. The mixed adhesive has the viscosity of light oil and a low surface tension that enables it to penetrate fine to medium width cracks.

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Each kit contains a two-part epoxy crack sealer, two 10-oz. tubes of Liquid Concrete Repair (LCR), a viscous epoxy that comes in a caulk-type cartridge, and seven plastic injection ports that deliver the LCR deep into the crack. There's enough material in each kit to repair a 1/16-in.-wide x 8-in.-deep x 8-ft.-long crack.

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PC Concrete 9 oz. Epoxy is rated 4.6 out of 5 by 57. Rated 5 ... Used to repair cracks in the bottom of a concrete swimming pool. Formed a water tight fix. Cartridge fits in a stand caulking gun and the two materials are automatically mixed when applied, so it is easy to use.

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Pressure-injection of cracks in structural concrete, masonry, wood, etc. Gravity-feed of cracks in horizontal concrete and masonry. Epoxy resin binder for epoxy mortar patching and overlay of interior, horizontal surfaces. Seal interior slabs and exterior above-grade slabs from water, chlorides, and mild chemical attack; also improves wearability.

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Professional products and training programs for concrete repair, concrete bonding, concrete restoration, concrete coatings and concrete protection including epoxy injection and metering pumps for structural concrete crack repair and control joint fillers in civil engineering, government, commercial, industrial and mro applications.

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Epoxy Concrete Foundation & Crack Repair Kits Applied Technologies offers epoxy injection kits to repair concrete basement wall cracks. These kits can be used by both a DIYer or professional looking to expand their business. How to videos are provided. All of the injection materials are packaged using our Foundation Crack Repair Cartridge System.

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CRACK-X is a full service waterproofing company. We have proudly served the New England area for over 25 years. CRACK-X is built to assist you in residential and commercial foundation waterproofing, basement leak crack repair, and epoxy flooring systems.

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The Crack-Pac injection epoxy is designed to repair cracks in concrete ranging from 1/64" to 1/4" wide in concrete walls, floors, slabs, columns and beams. The mixed adhesive has the viscosity of a light oil and a low surface tension, allowing it to penetrate fine to medium-width cracks in dry, damp or wet conditions with excellent results.

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Prior to proceeding with a crack repair by epoxy injection, the cause of the crack and the need for a structural repair must be determined. If the crack does not compromise the struc-tural integrity of the structure, injection with polyurethane grouts or other nonstructural materials may be a more suitable choice to fill the crack.

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ensure full penetration of epoxy into the crack. Depending on the specific requirements of the job, crack repair by epoxy injection can restore structural integrity and reduce moisture penetration through concrete cracks 0.002 in. (0.05 mm) in width and greater. However, before any concrete repair is carried out, the cause of the damage must

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Concrete cracks are repaired using different techniques and methods, such as epoxy injection depending on how wide, long and/or deep the crack is. Most of the concrete cracks are related to shrinkage, heat, wrong joint placements, over stress and loading conditions and …

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Epoxy injection was originally developed to repair cracks in large concrete structures. Since epoxy is stronger than concrete, it provides a structural repair. However, you cannot hold a house foundation together by "gluing" a moving structural crack – another crack would soon develop.